Hostel Rules


  • The allotment of rooms will be entirely at the discretion of the warden. Every member shall occupy the room assigned to him or her by the warden and shall on no account change it for another, unless permitted to do so, by the Warden.
  • The hostel authorities shall not be responsible for the loss or damage to the student’s private property.
  • Every student admitted to the hostel shall be required to pay in advance, rent and other charges as prescribed by the management.
  • Letters and representations written direct to the Principal or to any management persons will not receive any attention. All representations should be made through the warden.
  • The Hostel establishment shall be under the direct control of the Warden.
  • The principal will have the right to refuse admission to any applicant without assigning any reasons.

Each resident, on admission will be required to pay Rs. 5000/ only as Mess deposit, which will be returned only at the end of the course, after adjusting any liabilities due to the hostel.

  • All women’s hostel inmates are expected to be in the Hostel by 7-30 P.M. except with the special permission of the Warden
  • All men’s hostel inmates are expected to be in the Hostel by 9-00 P.M. except with the special permission of the Warden
  • Studentshall keep their rooms scrupulously clean
  • Members are not allowed to hold any meetings in the Hostel without the permission of the Warden.
  • No circular or subscription list shall be taken round to the members, without the permission of the Warden.
  • Member shall refrain from Music or singing or making noise in the Hostel
  • Students should not paste any kind of posters in the rooms
  • Room lights and fans must be switched off, when students are not in the rooms and also while sleeping in the night.
  • All detained students should vacate the Hostel.
  • Members are particularly advised to be economical in the use of both Electricity and water
  • No alcoholic drinks should be brought in to the campus or consumed inside the campus
  • Smoking, ragging use of drugs etc., are strictly prohibited.
  • No member may absent himself from the Hostel, without previous intimation to the warden.
  • Day callers and other friends are not to be entertained in the campus after 7-00 PM.
  • All vehicles should be left in the vehicle stand near the main gate
  • Students are not permitted to stay in their rooms in the Hostel during the working hours of the college without valid reason.
  • Boarders are forbidden from playing cards or any kinds of indoor games in their rooms
  • Members are requested to preserve discipline in the Hostel by observing the above rules strictly. The warden shall take notice of any breach of the rules.
  • Students should not use Table Fans, Tape recorders, Heaters, Electric iron or any other electrical appliances, which .will involve handling the electrical fittings and increase in electricity bills. Students infringing these rules will be fined Rs. 200/- or more at each instance.
  • Boarders shall not exchange or remove Hostel furniture from one room to another.
  • The occupants of the room shall be liable to pay for the repair of any damage done to the fittings and furniture of the room.
  • A breakage register will be kept in the Hostel office in which all breakages are entered.

Members should vacate their rooms when required to do so for the purpose of maintenance or repairs, or any other reasons.

Hostel inmates wishing to go to places other than the college should take permission of the Warden and the full address of the place to which she/he goes should be entered in the book kept for that purpose.

  • It is compulsory for the students staying in the hostel to be members of Mess attached to the Hostels.
  • Guests of the members are permitted to take food provided by the mess, on payment of the guest charged prescribed.
  • Breakfasts, Meals, Tea etc., will be available only during notified hours and members coming after the notified hours are not bound to be served. Meals will not be served in Rooms except in cases of illness and with the permission of the Warden.
  • The staff of the kitchen is to be treated courteously and shall not be dealt with directly for discipline and discrepancies. Any complaint should be lodged in writing in the “Register of Complaints” especially kept for that purpose.
  • Constructive suggestion to improve the mess are always welcome and the members are requested to put up their suggestions in writing in the “suggestion Register” which will be received by the Warden and if possible will be put into practice.
  • No students with arrears of hostel dues will be permitted to send up his application for a University Examination or sit for class Examination until the arrears are completely paid.
  • Members are not allowed to take cups, saucers, tumblers, plates and other utensils of the Hostel to their rooms, or anywhere outside the mess under any circumstance.
  • The Warden is responsible for collection of all dues from the students and is empowered to take suitable steps to recover the same
  • Bills should be paid in the hostel office during hours notified by the warden.
  • The members whose conduct and behavior is observed to be unsatisfactory will be liable to be evicted from the Hostel and also may disqualify themselves for admission to Hostels. The Parents or guardians of such student shall, however, be apprised of the situation before hand.
  • The Warden under intimation to the Principal may direct any student to vacate the Hostel at any time without assigning any reasons for the same in case of insubordination, breach of hostel rules, immoral conduct or any such serious misbehavior.

All cases of illness shall be immediately reported to the Warden. The Warden will make necessary arrangement and shall use his own discretion as to whether the patient may be removed to a Hospital or treated in the Hostel. All charges incurred on attendants, Medicine, Diet etc., shall be borne by the student.

Each student is required to sign a declaration form given to the effect that the rules of Hostel will be conformed to by him or her, countersigned by the parent or guardian. The parent or guardian will be finally responsible for payment of any arrears of mess bills and other charges due to the hostel by the student.

    1. Students can meet the respective block in charge between 4.30 pm and 6.30 pm to discuss their hostel related issues.

Block – 1

Block – 2

Block – 3




    1. Silence hours should be maintained strictly between 9.30 pm and 6.30 am.
    2. Students would be allowed to celebrate birthday parties in a specified place between 6.30 am and 10 pm with prior permission from warden.
    3. Students must occupy rooms specifically allotted to them. They are not allowed to change rooms except with the written permission of the warden.
    4. Change of accommodation from one block to another during a term is generally not permitted.
    5. Once a student vacates the hostel, he will not be re-allotted hostel accommodation.
    6. Student who wishes to vacate the hostel must meet the block in charge for necessary formalities.
    7. Any students who wish to go to any place must enter all the details given in the in-out register maintained in every block.
    8. The students are advice not to keep large amount of cash or valuables in the room. The student is responsible for the safety of his belongings inside the room.
    9. Carrying and lighting of crackers are banned in the rooms and around the hostel premises throughout the year.
    10. Residents must switch of all lights, fans and electrical appliances if any, before leaving their rooms.
    11. Residents must not go to others rooms and disturb the inmates. Complaints from other residents will be investigated and action will be taken accordingly.
    12. All complaints regarding repairs/ maintenance in the hostels must be entered personally by the students in complaint registers maintained in each block.
    13. If a resident falls sick, room-mate / friend must immediately inform to the block in charge to shift the student to hospital.

Block – 1

Block – 2



  1. Proxy or dummy room-mates are forbidden. Strict action will be taken if accommodation is held as proxy. All residents are advised to extend their fullest cooperation to see that no unauthorized persons enter or stay in the hostel premises.

Hostel capacity :

Girls – 130

Boys -​ 294