Sports Cell

Sports Cell

The Department of Physical Education is well equipped with modern infrastructure and includes amenities for swimming, Archery, Basket Ball, Volley ball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Cricket, Foot Ball, Hockey, Ball Badminton, Carom and so on.

Sports are in fact, a way of life for the student’s conscious of health fitness. Regular physical activity improves the strength and endurance, helps to build healthy body in turn a healthy mind. It is a great pleasure to share that our college has organized the following events

  • VTU Kho-Kho tournament during May 2015
  • VTU North zone Cricket tournament during Feb 2015.
  • VTU B.B tournament during April 2016
  • VTU Foot Ball tournament during March 2016


  • During 2016 our college students Divya of 6th ECE & Impana of 8th ECE represented all Indian inter University Ball Badminton Team at Chennai.
  • Kho-Kho Team Secured 2nd place in VTU Tournament.
  • Ball Badminton Team Secured 3rd place in VTU tournament
  • Annual Sports 2015 Champion Vijay Niranjan CSE and Arshiya Khair of CSE
  • Malleshaiah – PED of our institution wasnominated by VTU as a selection committee member for Hockey women team was a selection committee member for the hand ball and was also a coach for ball badminton women team.

Sports Awards

  • Nagaraj Rao Jagadali volley Ball Tournament 3rd Place.
  • Mysore Dasara High Jump 1st Place.
  • V.T.U Cross Country Champain ship 2nd Place.
  • Keerthi.A Kumbar select the V.T.U Cross Country Team.
  • V.T.U Archery Tournament 3Gold, 3Silver & 6 Bronze medals.
  • Anupama select the V.T.U Archery Team.
  • Goutham select the V.T.U Cycling Team.
  • Sandeep Kumar Got the 3rd Place High Jump.
  • Harish M select the V.T.U Archery Team.
  • Kishore Kumar select the V.T.U Archery Team.
  • Harshitha D J select the V.T.U Ball Badminton Team.
  • Bhavya S select the V.T.U Ball Badminton Team.
  • Sridhar select the V.T.U Ball Badminton Team.

Archery Team got one Gold

  • 2 silver
  • 2 Bronze
  • Archery team secured first place in VTU tournament

Kho-Kho Team

  • 2nd place in VTU Bangalore Zone Tournament- 2012
  • 1st place in RVCE Tournament- 2012

Ball Badmiton

  • 2nd place in VTU Tournament- 2012

Athletic Championship 2012 - 13

  • Parashuram of 4th sem and NavyaJyothi of 8th sem ECE