Student Welfare Cell


Dr. Sunil Kumar K

Student Welfare Officer

The RLJIT caters to a very large student community besides its superb academic environment. The RLJIT has a many opportunities for the promotion of overall development of students. The office of the student welfare provides ample scope; opportunities and facilities for the all –round development of personality and leadership, qualities among the students participate effectively in the overall development of their career.

In fact, the office of Students Welfare functions as a nodal center to promote cooperation and fellowship among students on campus. It is actively involved in coordinating activities for the welfare of students. Taking into account their difficulties and socio-economic diversities against cultural relativism, it provides the facilities to articulate their creativity and aspirations. It aims at social harmony and campus peace. The students are encouraged to give expression to their talents to enrich our social fabric and improve campus life besides pursuing their academic targets. This aims at shaping students into social assets, making them complete citizens alongside their academic accomplishments. Youth programs are regularly organized with pervasive goodwill and cheer to project existential urges of our students. These also promote competition in cultural fields. There are inter-university cultural activities that are organized and supported by this office. These attract highly talented and acclaimed participants besides appreciative audiences. This office also organizes debates, symposia and quiz competitions on current issues in which students of all shades participate.


  • Shall always strive to provide the most conducive environment to bring out the best out of every student.
  • It is our endeavor to do anything and everything possible to make the student's stay in the campus the most memorable one. 
  • The formal platform enthused with the energy to channelize the all imaginative, emotional, technical, and even the unheard chords of the students.
  • We are conscientious about virtually everything concerned with your stay here.
  • To facilitate a pleasant environment, we take care of various aspects of student welfare like housing, financial aid & scholarships, health - care, games & sports maintenance of student dues, cultural activities and student counseling.
  • Students’ Welfare Section looks after the protection of rights and supervises the welfare activities of the students.


  • To arrange for congenial living environment in the campus inclosing hostels for the students.
  • To monitor day to day essential support required for academic and co-curricular activities of students.
  • To arrange for special care for the weaker and needy sections of students.
  • To prepare plan and execute programs for holistic development of the students.
  • To enable students to participate effectively in the management of hostels and also in organization of the students related activities.
  • To advice student council as and when required.
  • To keep in touch with the guardians as and when required.
  • To arrange for maintenance of students discipline in the university.

Committee Members

Dr. Sunil Kumar K
Student Welfare Officer
Prof. Rekha
Prof. Vijay Praveen P M
Prof. Madhu N R
Dr. Madhu Chandra.G